Consulting and training to help virtual teams build trust, improve communication and maximize performance

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Essential skills for virtual team members and managers…

We offer training workshops on virtual team management and collaboration skills to help organizations improve the productivity of their virtual teams, develop effective virtual team leaders and create a more connected culture.

“The session left me inspired
that I can manage my hybrid
on-site/virtual team better.”

Evgenia Generalova
Surge Learning & Development Coordinator

International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies
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Flexible solutions to support your virtual workforce…

A Comprehensive Approach to Virtual Workforce Success:


Culture has a significant impact on virtual team performance. Our courses will help you cultivate an environment where every worker feels supported, included and able to deliver their best. From providing the right technology to identifying potential leaders among virtual workers, our courses explore how everyone – from the C-suite to the front lines – can contribute to your organization’s success.


Virtual teams need well-defined processes and ground rules for communication and collaboration to replace the structure that comes naturally in an office environment. Our courses will help your staff communicate effectively via multiple channels (voice, text, video) and help you establish guidelines for meetings, check-ins and status reports.


The right technology can be a tremendous multiplier for your virtual team’s productivity. Our courses will help you select the right communication, collaboration and productivity tools — and help you develop smart guidelines on how they should be used — so your team is more effective than ever.

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We believe in virtual work, because we do it every day…

Other training companies and business schools treat virtual work skills as an “add on” to traditional management programs.  However, we place virtual work at the center of our programs, because it’s how we, ourselves work, every single day.

About Us…

Virtual Workforce Academy was created by Sonata Learning, a team of learning and development professionals with extensive experience training distributed workforces in business, government, academia and the nonprofit sector.

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