HR Strategy for Virtual and Hybrid Organizations



Virtual work can be a powerful tool in an organization’s HR strategy. Properly managed, virtual work can help an organization recruit and retain top global talent, increase staffing flexibility, improve morale and track performance against KPIs in entirely new ways. However, building a successful virtual workforce requires HR to adapt its approach to acquiring, developing and supporting both virtual and in-office team members.  

We will discuss what makes a successful virtual worker, how to screen for the necessary technical and soft skills during the hiring process and how to provide virtual workers with meaningful opportunities to develop and grow their careers. We will also explore how issues such as training, regulatory compliance, diversity and anti-harassment policies play out in a virtual environment.


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Half Day Instructor-Led Workshop

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In-Person Workshop


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Half Day Instructor-Led Workshop

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Large Groups

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Topics Covered

  • Essential virtual work and virtual team management competencies

  • Recruiting virtual workers

  • Developing effective virtual work policies

  • Engagement, talent development and career paths in a virtual workforce

  • Alternative workers and flexible work arrangements

  • Managing compliance, diversity, harassment and other situations in a virtual context


In-person or online instructor-led workshop