IT Strategy for Virtual and Hybrid Organizations



While a virtual team demands engagement from its entire organization, IT is undoubtedly the support function most directly impacted by an organization going virtual.

We will review the competencies required for IT to support virtual teams, how to integrate next-generation tools and cloud apps with existing technology stacks, and how to balance the need for security and audit compliance with the desire for flexibility and speed.  We will also discuss how to work effectively as a virtual IT team.


Online Workshop


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Half-Day Workshop

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In-Person Workshop


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Half-Day Instructor-Led Workshop

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Large Groups

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Topics Covered

  • New IT competencies for virtual and hybrid organizations

  • Selecting and supporting appropriate technologies for a virtual workforce

  • Developing effective IT policies for virtual work

  • Security issues for virtual teams

  • Working as a virtual or hybrid IT department


In-person or online instructor-led workshop